Monday, February 1, 2010

Teens are Great!

Mark and I didn't have much time to prepare for being parents,, having Jordan 10 months after we were married :)!    We were so excited but also challenged on how to bring Jordan up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  The Lord graciously brought much teaching and lessons into our lives.  We began to study homes that the kids turned out as their parents trained them.  We read about them, watched them, listened to them and tried to learn from them. (There were many homes that the children didn't not turn out living for Him and we watched them too, trying to see what we didn't want to do too. )  It didn't seem right, that our loving Father in Heaven would bless us with children and not show us how to also train and disciple them.  We once went to a Bible study that said the Bible didn't have enough information on training children so "their book" was going to "fill in the gaps."  (Of course, Mark couldn't keep quiet and stood up for the Word and said it was very clear and informative on training children,, and we did NOT go back to that study!)   As the boys got older, we got more doom and gloom given to us, "You wait, your day is coming!  Just wait until those boys get older!"  "Teens are rebellious and need a time of rebellion", etc, etc, etc!  Yet, we saw families that their children didn't rebel and their children kept on the same path their parents lead them.   We SOOO wanted that (and still do) for our many boys.  Families like the Boyers,  Pearls, Maxwells, Davis', and many others were such an encouragement to us.  We read their books, listened to their messages, went to conferences to learn and prayed diligently for HIS wisdom and guidance.  At times, it's been hard to stick with it and be consistent all the time, but I am so thankful for a husband who is VERY focused on keeping the boy's hearts and sees the long picture in situations.  The boys are very blessed by that,, even though at times it may seem hard.  The boys have become best friends and are very close (I pray they'll ALWAYS be close as there's nothing better than a close sibling :) )  
Last night was the 5th Sunday of the month and the meeting was geared for the young people of our church.  Mark and I work with the teenagers and we helped them organize the evening.  Jordan lead the congregational singing, played the guitar with other teens playing instruments and sang with the teen choir.  Brendan also sang with the teen choir and he shared a testimony of what reading the Bible through has meant to him.  (The teens do a devotional book all year that takes them through reading the Bible in a year; Mark checks them each week during the meeting.)  Brendan left his notes downstairs so he had to do it from his memory.  He was so cute!  My little redhead :)
Right now, the boys bring us sooo much joy!  They haven't brought us to that dreaded day we were warned of.  Their hearts are tender and open to us.  We pray is always stays that way.  I'm thankful for the Word and our Heavenly Father who guided us and ALL praise goes to HIM for anything our boys accomplish in their lives.  The boys are a testimony to the Lord and that HIS ways DO WORK!  His Word NEVER fails!! 

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