Saturday, February 6, 2010

Niagra Falls

Mark and I went away for the night for his Birthday.  We had a wicked good time!  The first day we just went to our motel and then out to eat.  Jordan called that evening and said Timothy had been throwing up.  Poor fella and poor fellas cleaning it up.  The next morning we called to see how things were on the home front and Jordan said he had also got the "bug" in the night.  I felt SO badly for Jordan because that night was a friend's Birthday party and they were all going over to play hockey.  The boys had been talking about it all week.  I kept thinking about poor Jordan all day but I know these are the things that create character and appreciation for the good times we're able to have. 

Mark and I headed out to the falls after a relaxing morning together.  Funny how the area the falls were in and all around them was not like either one of  had mentally pictured.  The falls were beautiful and everything was covered in ice.  The ice falling from the trees and the crash of the falls was real neat.  We walked all around the park area enjoying the beauty.
This picture of Mark,  is on the Three Sister Islands,, I commented it was named after me, Tonya and Ruth and Mark kept saying which little island we were on.  We couldn't get down close b/c they had everything sealed off from the ice.  It was fun to be together sharing in our first time seeing the falls together.  After the falls, we went to a Good Will store and to Red Lobster for lunch (I totally blew my diet these two days!!) and then headed to the hockey Birthday party to pick up the boys.  I LOVED playing hockey with the teens!  Brought back memories of playing hockey with Uncle Al and Greg, Dad, Tonya and Mom!  Such fun memories hearing my Dad and his brothers chasing after eachother getting the puck!  I admit, I was probably too rough but just couldn't help myself and tried to only be rough on Brendan :)  I was so impressed how well he did,, he's a natural with most sports!    Then we headed home and Mark got the bug and was up all night tossing his cookies!  Such a fun time away but ended with a bad ending for Mark.   Such memories!

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