Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sharing the Love

We've always done it up for Valentine's Day: special meal, Valentine's box (cereal boxes on top of eachother with slits in them for each of us to put Valentines in for eachother), decorations, yummy desserts and fun together! Another tradition we started was to send a Valentine's Day care package to college students.  It's always fun to see the boys get excited about giving to other people.  One year we did our Pastor's daughter and Mark's niece, another year we did my sister and Mark's niece again.  This year, I thought it would be fun to have the teen girls at church join the fun and give to two college girls from our church.  One of the girl's parents just recently sold their house, went to Bible college and are planning to leave for India to be missionaries soon, so this girl will be alone in the states and I'm sure needs encouragement and some fun things too!  So I'm especially excited to get this out to her,, the other girl will be excited too, I'm sure!    Today I started to package them up,, the boys were excited to see that!  Luke exclaimed that he can't wait to go to college!  Silas came down and slipped some dollars into some socks that were in the package!  The joys of giving!  I pray the boys learn the joy of giving and the excitement it brings to think of how much fun it'll be when others receive from them! 

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