Monday, February 22, 2010

Mouse trap

Since we live in the country, we've always had issues with mice, especially in the winter.  We set traps, sometimes more than a couple and they would be full every morning.  I got so sick of wiping down the droppings and sanitizing the counters every morning.  This summer we decided to get two sister kittens to help with the mice issues.  Of course, the boys thought I was just being nice and letting them have another pet.  I don't like pets unless they're useful and help with our home rather than "just another mouth to feed".  (We have plenty of those!!!)  I named the sisters Lilly and Daisy but those names didn't stick.  Then we named them Lucy and Ethel but poor Ethel got run over after only a couple of months of owning her.  She's nicely buried under our maple tree out front.  Well, dear Lucy ended up with a new name.  Her name is Cat's Paw.   Luke some how came up with it and Hunter has made it stick with us all.  She's a great cat and added fun for the boys! They all love having her sleep with them and carry her around.  I feel so sorry for her, dangling from Titus or Addan's arms but she almost looks like she's smiling with them.  And the biggest plus about Cat's Paw is I haven't seen one sign of a mouse this whole winter!  Now, that's what makes me smile about her!

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