Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Birthday Traditions

Mark's Birthday isn't until Thursday, but we won't be home together for that day (just Mark and I are going away for the night for his Birthday) so we had his Birthday meal and dessert together tonite.  Once we got the traditional Birthday decorations out, Titus anxiously sat and waited for Mark to get home from window washing.  He saw me making a cake earlier and asked who it was for.  I told him it was Dad's cake and he told me to make sure I put the banner up.  I made it a few years ago and hang it up for everyone's special day.  We've put the Birthday Pooh critters out since Jordan was little (my Aunt Lilly gave them to him when he was about 2).   I love having traditions and building special memories together.  It's not much we do for each day, really, but they love the simple things that make it special: Birthday plate, pin, decorations, and home made cards.   

I'm so thankful for Mark and another year to celebrate together!  What fun memories together with our family!

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