Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday's Message

Well, it's Monday and I normally pick up the house from the weekend's mess (not sure why it's like that,, maybe from not being home much on Sunday??) but today I have the stomach bug.  Not as badly as Mark and some of the boys but enough to feel gross and be making trips to the potty room. :)   Mark went to the doctor this morning, he's had a swollen spot where we thought was the lymph node.  That made for lots of research on the internet,, which can be kind of scary.  Anywhere from cancer to infections.  The doctor said it's a hernia so Mark has to go back in next week to see that doctor.  I know it'll be an interesting time while he recovers, possibly me taking the boys around to do the window jobs,, I have NO clue how to wash them so I'll have to watch them work or learn.  I'm so thankful for such hardworking boys!  They are a true help and blessing to our home, not a drain!  But after fearing (I tried not to think about the worse case but at times found my self fearing having 8 boys by myself) the worst,, this seems so minor!  Funny how that happens.  Well, must go back to my chair and lay down,, feel my stomach gurgling again.  Trying to get knitting done while I "rest",, no such thing being a Mom! :)
I've been thinking alot about the sermon our Pastor preached last night.  It was real good, about keeping our lives separate from the world and how much the church has changed in that aspect.  I want my life to be a pleasing thing to my Savior!

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