Friday, February 12, 2010

Exciting blessings!!!!

My sister Ruthie is getting married in May so my other sister Tonya and I are giving her a shower in 3 weeks,, eek!!  Times flying!!  This is a very special time as Ruthie's our baby sister (she was born when I was 18) and is such a sweet girl.  She's a very godly girl and is willing to do whatever the Lord wants with her life.  After she gets married, she'll begin the deputation trail raising support with her husband to serve the Lord in Mexico.  We'll all miss her terribly but are so excited to see the Lord use her life!  It's also a special time as Ruth has saved herself physically for her husband,, her first kiss will be on her wedding day!!!  Such a sweet gift to give Rey!    Anyways,, Tonya and I are planning a shower and we've gone with a flip flop theme.  Ruthie wears flip flops all summer, in fact she told me this past summer she's excited to go to Mexico because she can wear flip flops all year round there.   
Here are some of the decorations I've been working on!  It's been SOOOO much fun,, I absolutely LOVE doing this kind of thing!  We're trying to do it a bit elegant with the flip flops.  I put tuelle on them and will have them with my tea cups for the decorations.  I've got bells and hearts and lights to hang up.  Oh,, it's going to be so fun!!  Today while I was at WalMart,, I went to the plastic table cloth section (I'm trying to get a little bit each week to stay within our budget),, and was SO excited to see the very green table cloths I need were marked down!!!!  Just last week they were $1.50.  I need about 15 so I decided to wait and check the dollar store (I want 15 in all 3 colors-- hot pink, green and white).  Well,, guess how much they were????  They were marked down from $1.50 to .37!!!!!   I couldn't believe it!!  I grabbed 15 thinking there MUST be a mistake!!  Sure enough,, they were only 37 cents!!  A true gift from a loving Father!!!  He's SOOO good and I'm so excited!! 


  1. Wow! Everything looks so nice! :)

  2. Thanks, my mind is constantly spinning thinking of all this,, games, food, decorating, etc,,, been so much fun planning with Tonya,, great way to form more bonds and memories!!