Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Through the Bible

It's the beginning of  another year.
Another year to begin again.
Another year to begin challenges.
One challenge we were given was to
read through our Bible this year.

Our older boys have read through the Bible each
year since joining the youth group at our church.

The church gives the teens devotion books
that go through the Bible; each day
giving them the chapters to read with a little
fun lesson, along with some questions.

I check the books each week at church to help
keep the teens accountable.  

Our bookstore at church also sells
the devotional books for kids.
All the books work together.
The adult, teen and kids each read the same chapters.

A friend suggested having the younger kids
listen and follow along to the Bible on CD.
What a great idea!
(Thanks Sam!)

Tim and Luke were excited to get new books but
I thought it might be too much for them.
But following along is perfect.
They're seeing it and hearing it!

The CD's we have are nice because they have a bit
of animation with great sound affects too!
What a fun challenge to do together and start out our
day with!

The devotion books we're using can be
ordered from,

Mercy and Truth Ministries

Another friend of mine also infomed me
that you can find the Bible being read on Youtube.