Friday, February 12, 2010

Making Valentines


Today we did a half day of school and then made Valentines together.  Addan was SO excited about this, it was the first thing he asked me this morning, "Mom, can I start building my Valentines?"  Titus didn't remember them from last year and was kind of confused at first but caught on.  He'll like it when we open them on Sunday together.  Here Tim is writing one, Brendan is making one and Hunter is finishing his school.  Addan is the in picture standing up,, he must of made about 20 and was so excited to write his brother's names on them!  Then he ran over and put each Valentine in the slot with his brother's name on it.  I made our "mailbox" a few years ago out of cereal boxes.  It's held up quite well,, with having to add Titus and Addan's name to the original box :)

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