Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Love Language

A few years ago, my in laws gave us the book The Five Love Languages.  It's a very good book and I have discovered my "love language" is acts of service. I feel especially loved when Mark does things for me.  At times Mark says he thinks all 5 are mine and that I'm a hand full!!  :)  Maybe so :)

A few weeks ago, the fuse blew to the light in the family room.  This room is in the center of the house and is the main path of traffic.  It's also the room we do school in.  There are 2 windows in it but they are on the west side and also go out into the screened porch, so not alot of light comes in those windows.  So this room is real dark without the lights.  Mark decided to take  down the old light that was in there and replace it.  The old one never worked correctly and didn't give off enough light.  This morning Mark did WalMart's windows real early and came home with a new light.  I looked at it and didn't like the style of the light and it only held two bulbs so I knew it wouldn't be efficient.  I felt so bad making Mark return it,, but he willingly took me to Lowes so we could pick one out together.  We picked one out and he put it up right away.  I know this is NOT Mark's thing and he does not enjoy doing it so it was a total act of love for me :)  How sweet of him!  It looks great and give off tons light!! 
Now he just has to fill in the holes from the old light and then maybe paint the ceiling :)  One small job always creates others but it's the idea of Mark doing that for me because he loves me that makes my heart smile!

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  1. well, if that is all it takes to fill your "love tank", than I will put up another one for you right now! <3 :)