Thursday, December 1, 2011


One thing I love about this time of year,
is all the memories!

I put up our Christmas decorations Monday.
It was a big job.
Usually Jordan does that for me the day after Thanksgiving.
I would go out shopping with my Aunt, sister,
and Mom and it would all be up
when we got back.
This year was different in many ways.
We, for the first time, didn't have Thankgiving here.
This year we went to Maine and celebrated
with Mark's parents.
It was a nice change.

Jordan also started working full time this year
so he wouldn't have had time to put them up, unless
he did them on Saturday.

Anyway, I ended up putting them up without much help
(although some tried!).

Each box I opened, memories came pouring out.

Painted gourds by my sister,
village pieces I've gathered over the years.
Many, many nativities- some made,
some given and some gathered from family and friends.

This is one of the nativities my father gave me.

I got the trees last year at an antique store with my Mom.
I love how they go with the wise men.


I got this snowglobe while out with some friends in Maine.
We had just moved there and we went out to eat with
a couple from the church.
This one always reminds me of that night.


Every year since it entered our home, this one has
been watched and touched endlessly!

There are four wisemen that circle
the manger scene.

The boys like to collect nut crackers.
These are some of them on the piano.


And this is the window over the kitchen sink.
Some of my favorites are here.

Snowmen I got on an outing with my Mom,
pine trees and a glass bird from friends from church
and other snowmen from our years in Maine.

One Christmas, I was out shopping with my sister.
She liked this ornament so I got
it for her.
Only, some how it got broken.
I glued to back together but didn't end up
giving it to her.
So now it sets by one of Addan's
lost teeth.
I think of her when I see it.

Tonight we start a new memory.
The guys have been so excited to start it!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!