Thursday, February 18, 2010

Internet Friends

I'm so thankful for the "friends" and encouragement I get from others on the internet.  I know it can be a "dangerous" thing but in my life right now,,, it's a huge blessing.  I don't live near family or close girl friends, so it's a way to communicate with them each day.  Back in the times when families lived closer and worked to help eachother-- big canning days, baking days, quilting bees, etc., there wasn't a feeling of aloneness.  My Mom has often said how there is so much more information out there.  She didn't have any material on child training and as a new Christian raising kids, had to just do what she thought best.  Now, we can just click a few buttons, and we have oodles of info at our hands (of course, we have to weed through it).  I have learned how to detect which families I want to glean from real fast.  What an encouragement that is for me!

Today was bread making day.  I had read a post a few days ago from a blog friend, Trina.  I met Trina once a few years ago but didn't get to know her then.  She was single then but is now a young Mom and very encouraging to me.  I enjoy her crafting, mothering and cooking skills.  She posted on making healthy crackers, so since I had the mill out while making bread, I got her recipe out and tried some crackers.  It was fun to do and Trina inspired me to try something healthy for the boys (I had to STOP them from eating them all so Dad can try some!!) :)  What a fun time spent with my blog friend,, although, she didn't even know it :) Thanks Trina!!!


  1. I made homemade crackers one time. They looked just like yours do. I actually really enjoyed them, but haven't made them since. I might have to do it again!

  2. Tammy, which blog is that one? Gracie loves crackers, and I would love to make them more healthy for her...

    Love all your posts, by the way. I just don't comment much.