Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Blessings

While at Ruthie's shower, we're going to be wearing flip flops.  Tonya put it in the invitation to wear your decorated flip flops and win a prize.... so I've been planning on putting together a pair.  Last week at church, an older lady gave me a box of clothes.  She does this often and it's usually clothes for the boys (this is such a huge help and blessing!).  When I got the box home and looked inside, I couldn't believe there were flip flops that were my size in there AND they were the exact color of the shower decorations and my outfit!!!  I was so excited!  Then another lady from church gave me a large box of crafting supplies (she often does this too and it's always SO fun to look through!!!) and I pulled that box out today and put my flip flops together.  The craft box had puffy, glitter paint in it with the same VERY colors!!!  The Lord is SO personal!!  I pointed this out to the boys and they couldn't believe it!   
I made the green flowers and put the glitter paint around the bottom of the flip flop.  The lacy ribbon  and beads were in the fun box :)  What a fun gift from HIM!!!

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  1. Wow, on top of the sk irt? I love the way you're always LOOKING for and taking note of God's blessings, even the little ones.