Monday, October 20, 2014

Planting Fall Garlic

Garlic is a wonder plant!
There's just SO much to enjoy.

Fry up some garlic and onions, and the taste buds
start working.
"What smells so good?" comes into the kitchen.
In the summer, snip off the scapes on the garlic
plant and you have the beginning of a great dip.  (This
also helps you get a much bigger bulb in the later summer months.)
Who can resist some scape pesto!?

Planting Your Garlic Patch
Break apart the bulbs of garlic.
Place each clove, root side down and point up about
5-6 inches in the ground.
Cover with dirt.  Plant next clove about 6 inches apart.
You will see the little shoots come up in the early spring months.

All tucked away for the winter months.
Some other links below to the health benefits of garlic.
Having garlic on hand is a huge advantage when a sickness
arises in your home.