Sunday, February 28, 2010

Teen Girl's Lesson

In the fall, Mark and I separated the girls and guys in youth group.  I got the chance to share with the girls.  I was VERY nervous about this and felt very inadequate!  I have only boys and have NEVER taught a teen girl class before.  I some times feel I don't relate to them :)  Girls can be so catty (like me)  and wimpy, it drives me nuts!  I always remember my friend Tara (she has 4 girls) and whenever her girls fell or got "hurt",,,, she'd just say "Be tough".  I loved that, thinking  "Yeah!!  Non-wimpy girls!"    So I prepared, searched for info, prayed and studied on what to share with the girls.  I found a useful course on line and worked with that.  I changed it around and filled in where I thought it needed.  I went into the first class really nervous!!!  When I started,, I had the weeks counted down til I was done.  As each week moved on, though, I began to really enjoy the girls and the time with them!  They all have different personalities and some I "get along" with better, but they're all so unique and a GREAT bunch of girls!  I actually started to enjoy it and loved the time with them.  So neat to see the Lord change my heart and cause me to enjoy it.  I still get nervous as I'm not a natural speaker and still feel I don't totally relate to them as I only am raising boys,, but I love the chance the Lord's given me!  Once we finished our 8 or 9 lessons,, we went back to meeting together with the guys .  The girls actually were disappointed to stop meeting as girls!  I was SO shocked and honored,, hehe!    So we decided to meet once a month.  The great thing about this, as I prepare for our lessons, I am learning and being SO challenged in my life!  Teaching is a great way to learn and be challenged yourself!
This next few months together,, I'm going through the book, Words that hurt Words that heal by Carole Mayhall.  What a GREAT, CHALLENGING book on the tongue and our speech!  The Lord is sooo using it for me as I prepare for each lesson.  Today is the first lesson and it's on whether my tongue is a fountain or babbling brook.  Do my words show depth and wisdom as a fountain, or are they just babbling helter skelter as a brook does?  Ugh, so convicting!  I feel I'm going to get the MOST challenged from these lessons as girls!!!

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