Monday, February 15, 2010

The Day After

The House of Ludington, Escanaba, MI
I always remember the day after Valentine's Day,,, it was a very special day back in 1992.  Mark and I started dating the first month at college.  We started to talk about marriage in January; Mark didn't want to talk marriage til he met my family and he came over during Christmas break.    Valentine's Day fell on a Friday while we were there.  I remember as the day came closer, Mark planning to take me out to eat.  He ended up planning it on Saturday, the day after Valentine's Day.  That Friday night while on campus, I had many people ask me where Philbrick was and why I wasn't out with him!  Mark had gone off campus with his brother and his girlfriend!  What a bummer but I felt consoled by the fact that he had a planned date the next day.  I remember Mark being so excited about it and all the details of it.  I didn't really get why he was so "into" this date.    It was in Escanaba, MI,, we were in Dunbar, WI so we had to travel a bit to get there.  My RA, Shelty (Melissa) and roommate Rebecca were our chaperones.  We got to the restaurant and ordered our meals.  Mark was so trying to make this just perfect for me.  He ordered duck and I had chicken.  I remember when dessert time came around, Rebecca and Shelty came back.  I thought they were watching us to make sure we "behaved!"  I was actually alittle annoyed they were there,,, man, no privacy!!!  Our waiter brought my dessert on a silver platter and Mark got on his knee and there was a diamond ring under the platter!  I was SOOO surprised!  I never expected this!  It's probably one of the only times Mark's pulled a huge surprise like that.  It was so romantic and so special.  I felt like we road back to campus on clouds.  I think we went to a hockey game after that and I was proudly showing off my ring!  What a special day I'll never forget and the feelings I had that night!  I'm so spoiled to be loved and cared for by my Mark!

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