Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Warming Rocks

This morning after Titus got up, he handed me this rock. 

I asked what to do with it and he said to put it back on the stove.  "It's me and Jordan's warm rock."

Titus and Jordan have always been close.  Jordan is our oldest and Titus is the youngest.  My fella calls them the book ends.

Titus reminds me alot of Jordan. 

Jordan was very quick to learn things, so is Titus.
Jordan was very athletic and coordinated, so is Titus.
Jordan was/is a diddler (is that a word, or just another "Philbrick" word?) and so it Titus.

Jordan and Titus share a room.  It was the easiest transition from being with Mom during the night.  Poor Jordan had to be the one to help Titus adjust.  I'm sure this helped with the bond that was formed between the two.

When Titus gets up, he asks where Jordan is.
If Titus falls and my arms just aren't enough, he asks where Jordan is.
If a project is too hard for him or requires tools, he asks for Jordan.

Jordan is Titus' hero and best buddy!

It's so neat to see as a parent. 

Since it's very cold now, and Jordan and Titus' room is downstairs where the woodstove is, they have started a fun thing together.

Jordan wraps his hands in some socks and grabs a few heated rocks off the woodstove.  The rocks are all my fun rocks I've collected on our trips to Maine.  I love the round, soft rocks from the ocean.
They put these warm rocks at the foot of their bed.  This helps keep their feet warm.
Titus explained all this to me with an excited tone in his voice.

What fun memories they're making.  I can imagine them sharing the fun thoughts with their own families  some day. 


  1. I LOVE that picture of Jordan and Titus outside! That is sooo sweet!!

  2. When I slept in that room< I was tempted to put those rocks in that bed. It gets cold in there. Probably because I keep the door closed to keep your crazy cat out! And heat rises. So it was really cold and I saw those nice hot rocks but never did do it. Was afraid Dad would burn his feet!
    I love how J kisses Titus on his head when Titus climbs up on his lap. I love the pictures too.

  3. I love it that you call your oldest and youngest bookends. I call mine that also even though I ONLY have 4 sons. My bookends are very close and get along wonderfully, too. What a blessing it is! Love your blog by the way!