Friday, December 17, 2010

Jangled Nerves

I just took the oldest two to work. 
The ride is all dirt roads and is so peaceful.  I actually enjoy the quiet ride.

This morning was especially peaceful with the snow falling all around me.  One part is all pine trees and it was so gorgeous with the snow laying on the branches.  I wished I had my camera.  Instead the picture remains in my memory.

I got home and quickly started looking at my lists and adding to my lists.
Tonight we're having a teen Christmas party at church.

I'm so horrible with things like this.

I lose sleep.
My nails get chewed down to nothing.
My heart pumps wildly.
And my nerves get jangled.

I love it!  I simply love planning and being so excited about this!

Game after game has been researched, testing some on the crowd here. 

 I've jumped up and down many times, dancing around whichever poor fella will listen!  (None of them seem to join my dance with me, they just stand looking at me like I'm weird,, I don't know why!)

Piles have been placed in every spare corner, ready to be loaded into the car later.

All in hopes of making some great memories with the people I love most!

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!!!

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