Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Routine Resumes, I Hope!

Thanksgiving week is always a very busy one at our home.  My parents come for the week.  I love being with them.  It's so nice having a Mother who is also one of your best friends. 

My Aunt Rosey and her husband join us also for the holiday.  Mom and Rosey are also best friends.  It's so fun seeing the two sisters laughing and giggling together like young school girls again. 

Friday, my Mom, Jordan and I put up the Christmas decorations together

and we went to the parade in the evening.  My fella's Jr and Sr Bible class put a float together.

All our company left by Monday. 

But my fella didn't have school on Monday or Tuesday so things didn't quite return to normal. 
It's also hunting season.
My fella and the older two boys have gone out the last two mornings.  My fella  saw deer each time he went out.  They were either too far away or on the neighbor's land (our neighbor is grouchy so we don't dare step foot on his land, no way, shoot a deer on his land!).

Yesterday we went to town.  Because Jordan has started to work construction, he needed better shoes for work.  He was graciously give a big hunk of the expense.  So because my fella  had off  from school and it was raining and he couldn't do windows, we all loaded into the van and headed out.

We stopped at a local store and got both Jordan and Brendan some work boots.  Seems there are all kinds of changes going on, all headed toward them being independent, young men.  So exciting to see the Lord each step of the way!

Then we headed to the mall.  We rarely go to the mall!  Christmas is one time of the year we do.  I love the lights and decorations all over during this time of year. 

After our fun adventure out, we came home to a light snack my fella  made and played Wii together.  I beat Hunter but then was beat by Tim in tennis.  That's the only game I can actually figure out.

Today it's POURING out!  This is another time I'm so thankful we live on a mountain!
I have mounds of crafts to tackle this week and start finishing up for Christmas gifts.

Of course, this awaits and instead of finishing this....


I started this!

I did manage to get some of my "to do" list done as I sat with Addan doing his school.

I recruited a little helper.  :)

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