Friday, December 3, 2010

Bean Bag Fun

This Christmas I'm trying to make more of the gifts.

We don't give the boys big gifts.  I'm amazed to see what's given for gifts.  We try to keep it very simple.
Our "big" gift to the boys each year are their stockings.
This is the time I get them new socks, t-shirts,shavers, etc. 
This year Jordan and Brendan are both going to be working construction outside, so I've gotten some warm socks, work gloves and lined jeans for their stockings.  They both also have their own vehicle so I could add fun things like key chains and bumper stickers.

Of course, food is always a favorite!  Pringles, nuts in their own cans, gum, etc.  When you're in a large family with all boys, food disappears quickly so to have "their own" is a real treat!

The boys draw names among themselves and get eachother a big gift as well.  I end up helping the younger guys with their gift for their brother.  This is always a fun memory together and forms a bond with that brother.

I was busy making gifts for my niece and nephew yesterday.  The younger boys (Silas and down) noticed what I was doing and jumped in to help.  It always ends up being so fun hearing them all chatter and laugh as we work together.  Little did they know, they were also helping with their own gifts.

I'm making bean bags for my nephew and niece.  I decided to make a set for Tim, Addan and Titus too. 

It was perfect, my parents brought all kinds of food from the camp they work at.  Dry beans was one of them.  So that was my filler.

Canned potatoe flakes was another.  I knew I'd never use these, so we gave them to the chickens and the cans are a perfect "catcher" for the bean bags.

Now I'm sitting listening to Luke try to figure out what the simple subjects and linking verbs are in sentences while I stitch the little bags shut.  Man, schooling can try my patience some days but I can let out the stress with a needle in my hand :)

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