Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dickens Festival Fun

Today was one of those "Oh SO fun days!!!". 

My fella  and the older boys went out this morning, while I baked the dessert for Brendan's 16th Birthday tomorrow.  (Where does the time go?  I remember our little Bay-boo, he was such a busy handful!)

The guys got home, we ate a quick lunch and bundled up.  We were headed to Wellsboro to the festival.  I've wanted to go there since I heard about it from a friend.  This year we decided to try it.

It's a nice ride and not too long.

As we approached the town,  we decided to take a shuttle provided to avoid parking our big van.  The younger guys were quite excited about that part.

The vendors are all dressed in the Dicken's era.  I love it!  It was sooo fun.

Kettle corn, yarn crafts, funnel cake, wooden crafts, jewlery, pottery, hats and mittens, photography,  walking sticks, Christmas greenery and lots more food!  There was just about every hand made craft there. 

It was so cold.  It actually added to the fun.  Big fluffy hats, stylish rimmed hats, fluffy scarves, capes, muffs, thick warm mittens, and lots of layers were there.

My fella wore a hat my sister crochetted for Jordan.  I noticed people staring at us.  I would follow their eyes and it was his hat!  It distracted from the normal question we're asked, "Are they ALLLLL your's?"

One vendor got me so excited.  The first couple years here, we went to a local high school that held a craft sale the day after Thanksgiving.  My Mom, Aunt, Sister and I enjoyed our outing together.  The sale was just ok but the outing was fun. 
My Aunt got me a cute little hand-carved pine tree there.  I was bummed the crafter wasn't at the sale the next year. 
Today I spotted her and was so thrilled.  I hinted to the boys that would be a GREAT Christmas gift for me.  They all chipped in and got me one.  I love it.  She makes them from a hunk of wood and carves it all herself!

I set it up as soon as we got home.  Isn't it great!?!?
The boys got me the middle sized one, my Aunt the small, tilted one and I got the tallest one.

My Mom got me these cute Christmas girls.  They remind me of my Grandmother.  She gave me one before she died.  That one is on a shelf in my bedroom.

What a fun day that I hope will become another tradition with my men.

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  1. Oh how I want to go there...I love Dickens so...

    Happy Advent and Happy Decorating!