Thursday, December 30, 2010

Two Tests Today

Last week were in Maine for Christmas.  It was a super time with Mark's family.  Such great memories were made together.
Sunday night, we got a huge snow storm while we were there.  The snow came down for 20 hours straight and there were HUGE wind gusts.  It was so cozy and made for some added memories.

It also made us wonder, would we have to stay another day.
Jordan has a driver's test scheduled the end of the week we were to get home. We "needed" to get home.

We live in a very rural area.  The one location for our area is an hour away and it has to be scheduled in advance.  It takes 6 weeks to get an appointment, and they're only open on Thursdays, so I didn't want to miss it.
Brendan was also going to take his learner's permit test today.

We ended up leaving ME as scheduled (just not as early in the day due to digging out). 

Today was the test day for the boys.  Man, I think my nerves were more shot than their's.
We picked them up from work and we headed to the DMV building. 
Mark took Jordan to the driving part and I was with Brendan for the learner test part.

Brendan handed the lady all the needed paper work and he started with the vision test.
I sat behind Brendan and he leaned into the machine to read the letters.
I heard him say a couple letters and the lady say they weren't correct.
My heart instantly went out to him. 

Jordan recently got glasses.  He had all the tell-tale signs.  Brendan has never shown signs of needing them.  So this was a surprise.
Poor guy.  He couldn't tell most of the letters.

So his next test tomorrow is at the eye doctor at 11am. 

So we all went back to the waiting area to see how Jordan did.  He came into the room with a serious face.

Ut- oh,, he failed too!?!?!

I wanted to run up and ask him but too many people were sitting there and I didn't to embarrass my poor guy.  So I had to sit there and patiently waitrd the minute for him to come tell us.

Yeah, he passed!  I was so relieved.

Yippee!  Now I can sleep in and he can drive them to work.... although I think I'll be more nervous with that!


  1. Wow! Jordan looks SO MUCH like your husband with the glasses!

  2. Jordan must be so excited. This has been the year of big leaps. Job. license, college course. So B didn't get the permit. Must be all that reading. Love the pictures of them. You have no snow there! Miss you all.