Tuesday, December 7, 2010

From Sapling to the Living Room

Another venture we tried with our land was Christmas trees. 
We heard of many ideas to try on our land to make extra money when the boys were older.  Having 30 acres to work with, we tried many things.

The spring we planted the trees, I was pregnant for Addan.  Jordan and Brendan helped me plant them. 

Each little mulch pile is safely holding in a baby Christmas tree.

I had a piece of twine to measure how far apart to plant them.  We also had a long piece to keep our rows straight.  I'd dig the hole, Jordan would put the tree in and we'd cover it up.  I'd crawl to the next spot and we'd do it again.  Brendan watered after our work.  Together we planted over 100 little trees.  They were real little.  Some were only a couple inches big.  Some were a foot tall. 

We diligently watered them in the beginning to help them get established.  The boys would take the 4 wheeler down to the pond, fill 5 gallon buckets and we'd hand water each tree.  It was alot of work but the memories of working together are priceless!

That was a bit more than 6 years ago.  The Scotch pines are the fastest growers and we've started using them ourselves.  Last year was our first time. 

The boys got our tree last night.  With it getting so dark so early, they had to work in the dark.  It was also VERY cold and windy!  What fun memories.

Titus was so excited.  Addan was jumping around.  Jordan was untangling lights.  Brendan was offering suggestions to get it straight.  Hunter was commenting with his funny one-liners.  Silas and Luke were reminiscing about the ornament's origins.  Tim was playing with the cat.  My fella was helping me hang the lights.

Many of the ornaments hold dear memories.

This one I stiched as a teenager and put it in my hope chest.  I stitched dreaming of hanging it one day with my family. 

This was my baby shoe.  I love the worn out toe spot from where I crawled.

While Mark was a youth pastor in Michigan, my parents came to visit us after the birth of Hunter.  We took them to a town called Frankenmuth.  It's a huge Christmas town.  The shops are decorated like gingerbread style houses.  There's a huge Christmas store.  Mark got me these bulbs there.

Many were hand made by my sister.  She's super crafty and a talented painter.  I have one cross stiched by my Mom too.

Christmas is such a sweet time of year as remember the birth of our loving Savior!

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  1. What a FUN house!! Love seeing and almost hearing what all the boys are doing as you decorate. What a sweet post. It made my eyes get all teary. How beautiful your trees have gotten!!