Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Some Extra Protein

Sunday after church, we had two of our home grown chickens for lunch.
Once the meat was picked, I put the bones into the crock pot, filled it with water and let it simmer.

Yesterday the yummy, healthy broth was ready.
I made chicken, vegetable soup with it.
I also grabbed the huge, camp sized bag of egg noodles and added 4 handfuls to the soup.

Meals together are always fun and some times too loud.  A certain son is always told to be quiet.  Can you guess which one?  He just can't seem to keep quiet for more than two seconds! 

Brendan said to me, while enjoying his third bowl of soup (soup is his favorite meal!), "Mom, what are these little white things?"
I looked and said they must be part of the noodles.

This sparked too much curiosity for the boys. 
The microscope was brought out and the "little noodle parts" ended up being creatures that were eating the noodles.
The soup was loaded with tasty worms floating dead in my healthy, yummy broth! 
My pride was dashed in seconds!
I fed our boys worms!
Oh well, they didn't seem to mind.  A few were grossed out and didn't finish their second bowl.  My fella brought his soup to school today and will enjoy his protein filled soup.  What a man!

Thanks Dad for all the bags of egg noodles you gave us that will now feed our CHICKENS instead of us!  :)


  1. That was good, Tammy! I needed that good laugh. Is Mark bringing that soup to eat knowing the worms are in it??? YUK!! He will throw it away and sneak something else, right? That soup looked so good too. Hope the worms didn't spread into your other food.

  2. No, Mom, he ate it all! :) B ate the rest for lunch too,, I've got tough men!!! I couldn't do it though!

  3. That is awful!!! I just put some rice in to cook yesterday and THANKFULLY noticed the small rice colored larva floating in the water before I put the lid on! Eating bugs is just SO gross! Your soup though looks really good-do you have a recipe?