Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Handprint Memories

I teach a 2 and 3 year old's Sunday School class at our church.  A couple Christmases ago I wanted to make a craft for the kids to remember the class by.  I came up with this.

This year our Addan was in my class so I got to keep one.

They are quite simple to make and will last longer than some chocolate I could of given (although, I think some candy would have had more of a reaction from the kids!) :)

A Sunday morning early in Decemeber, I got the kids handprints.  I painted right onto their hands and wiped it off as soon as we got the print on fabric.  The kids laugh and giggle saying it tickles.

I had some old grain sacks.  I cut them up into squares before class.  You could use any plain colored fabric but I liked this because it was thick and sturdy fabric.  The paint didn't seep through either.

Once I had the painted fabric squares at home, I wrote the child's name and the year with washable marker (used for sewing and quilting).

I love to do the stitching.  It's very relaxing.

After the names were stitched, I cut pieces of jute for hangers.  I placed them on the painted side of the square and sewed the square together with another piece of sack fabric.  I left the bottom side open, carefully stuffed it and then sewed the square closed.

I took a piece of homespun fabric and made a tie for one side. 

Enjoy your child's handprint hanging.
  Cherish your time with your young children, they grow up so quickly!


  1. I love those little handprints! I bet the kids had fun making them too...

  2. Great gift idea! I may make these this year!

  3. What a thoughtful gift. Little handprints are so wonderful. I am sure they will bring many happy memories.

    Blessings, Elizabeth