Monday, December 20, 2010

Family Ties That Help Bind

Christmas has lots of traditions and memories for our family.

As a child, Christmas was always at our home.  My parents were always great host/hostesses. 
I remember our home always bustling with family and friends on holidays.
Oh, the memories of those wonderful tmes together.

I want the same for our family.  Memories of times together and building ties that bind.

I saw on Trina's blog this idea:

I printed them and out gave the first page for the boys.
The first day, each of them did the page.

Soon, it fizzled with most of the boys.  Tim found it too hard, "Mom, I can't draw, it's too hard!"
Jordan and Brendan are too busy with school, the college course and now work.  So they stopped too.

Silas and Luke are the two that kept it up.   Each day they'd ask me for the next page.

We'll be in Maine for Christmas with my fella's parents.  I hope to have them made into a book and we can look at them together on Christmas Eve.

My sisters and I are super close.  I can call my sister and it's as if no time has passed and we pick up right where we left off.
I love every second spent with my sisters.
There's no girl friend like a sister!! (ok,, and Mom too!!!)

I want that for our boys.  I want them to be so close and always love eachother.  I can see bonds that are already formed.

Jordan and Brendan have always been close!  Think it was just natural as they were the first two.

Silas and Luke are the same way.  Always together!

My fella is like that with his little brother.  As soon as they're together, I can hear the banter start and laughter fill the air.  It's the type that makes you start to join in and you have no idea what's going on but their laughter is contagious.

There's no other friends like siblings!

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  1. I love those books! Have a happy last week of Advent!