Thursday, January 21, 2010

Whole wheat health

The food we eat is very important to our good health.  I try to feed our household healthy foods.  Because of this, I make most of the bread we eat (I do compromise and buy store bought wheat bread for grilled cheese sandwiches).  The first step is grinding the wheat berries.  This sounds like an airplane coming in for a landing!  Mark always jokes that this is called the Whipser Mill!
After the flour is ground, the mixer is pulled off the shelf.  This is one of my favorite, time saving appliances!  Honey, eggs right from the coop, olive oil, yeast and water are added.
This is the yummy bread dough after it's been kneaded for 8 minutes.  I put the bread in bread pans and let it rise by the woodstove until doubled in size.    Then it bakes for 30 minutes and the smells start wafting up the stairs,,,I start hearing voices asking how long before the bread is done.  One loaf is always eaten before it can even cool!   The other loaves are safely tucked away in the freezer for breakfasts that week.                                    


  1. this wheat bread is GREAT .. light and slightly sweet, and healthy!

  2. We have the same grain grinder. Ours doesn't whisper either. :-) Did you use white wheat berries? Your bread is lighter than mine usually is but generally we use red winter wheat.

  3. I also use red winter wheat. I'm not sure why the bread is lighter than your's.