Monday, January 18, 2010

God's sweet answers

Last Monday, after I did my reading, I was thinking of the "extra things" I'd like to get (I know, rather selfish!) that don't fit in our budget right now. My sister is getting married in May and I'm helping with a shower and that always creates extra expenses, I'm reading about eating green so would like to add greens to our diet, of course, I could always get another book to add to my library,,, so I was praying/commenting to the Lord that I would love to come up with a way to make some extra cash.... not a deep prayer but just almost a wish under my breath type prayer. I came down and started my Monday and the phone rang. Now,, let me explain, I was selling crocheted rugs that I make at a shop in town but they changed their policies and I couldn't commit to it right now so months ago I stopped selling my rugs there. Back to the phone call, I didn't recognize the number so answered assuming it was call for Mark's business. It was a lady who had bought a rug in the shop awhile ago and wanted to special order two rugs. I took the measurements, colors and her contact info. I got off the phone thinking of my prayer that morning and was so thankful to the Lord for opening that door and showing me how much He loves me! His goodness is soooo special and personal! What a wonderful Savior we have! This is the rug I made for the order,,, I even had the colors of fabric in my collection so I didn't have to buy any new fabric!

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  1. I love to hear stories like this! Our Lord IS so personal and it amazes me every day.