Friday, January 22, 2010

Simple helpers

If you can alot of your own food, you have lids and the canning rings laying around.  I was putting my rings and lids in my utensil drawer in the kitchen.  The rings quickly began to fill up my drawer (we use a jelly about every 2 days and many other canned items this time of year) and I was beginning to get annoyed at them.  While at my sister's house, I was looking at her new kitchen pantry her husband had recently built her, and noticed a bright, crocheted piece of yarn hanging from a nail.  I inquired what on earth that was?  and she told me of her canning ring hanger,, just get a ribbon or sturdy string and tie one ring on the end and a loop on the other.  The ring on the end keeps the rings from coming off.(the loop is to hang the ribbon on a nail in your pantry)  As soon as I got home,  I made one and simply LOVE it!  No more mess or running into the storage/pantry room to find the rings I put away after being so annoyed at them cluttering my utensil drawer.  I just slide it on or take one off as I need them.    It's neatly hanging in my kitchen closet and I can shut the door and my utensil drawer is nice and decluttered again!  Thanks so much Tonya!  The simple things that make my life so much more happy :)

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