Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hot lips Sunday

Our church has a bus ministry and bus people into church each week,, mostly children. They sometimes have activities after the meeting. Today was a challenge to see how many could eat hot chicken wings. Of course, it ended up being only teen boys and men to try it. Brendan and Mark were both included with 6 other guys. They looked so funny lined up, each holding a plate with 6 wings. Mr Norton had fried them in hot sauce and concocted a very HOT sauce to put over them. Once they got started,, I couldn't stop laughing. I've always known my man was the hottest and he was going to show it! A couple dropped out after only 1 wing. One by one the men started dropping out (they dropped out by taking a drink or eating the bread given to each player). Not my Mark or Brendan,,, they were the only two left. Ladies were showing concern for my "little" redhead but I just laughed and laughed. Both Mark and Brendan douse my good cooking each day with habanero pepper so I knew they could handle alot. Mark had tears streaming down his face and sweat pouring from his temples. Brendan was the ice man,, no reaction at all! Brendan finally gave up due to being full rather than the heat and turned over the winner title to his Dad. Brendan consumed 8 1/2 wings and Mark ate 10. Poor souls,,, I made chili for lunch too! Brendan is fine and Mark is now "resting" with a gut ache. Oh, the things men will do to show their "manhood"! My poor fella has hot lips now :)

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