Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Small answers, Big lessons

While growing up, my father always tried to show me the Lord.  In every area of our lives, while driving along, walking, at home he was always showing me His hand at work.  My father now always tells me to show our boys His hand at work.  If I tell my father about the Lord's blessings, the first thing he asks me, with a smile,, "Did you share that with the boys?"  My father loves the boys like his own and is very proud of them but wants only to see them live for Him!  So as I see the Lord answer things for us, I try and always point that out to them, showing them the Lord's special care for each of them.  Last week we were given some clothes, just the size of Luke.  I had commented to myself that he needed a couple more shirts and the next day we were given him clothes.  I pointed that out to Luke how the Lord heard me and supplied some shirts for him.  But how much more special when the Lord does it for one of the boys themselves.  Last week, Hunter came down from his room and said he needed a couple more dress shirts (he is now the one going through major growth!) and was going to use his Christmas gift card and get one.  Yesterday Mark went out to breakfast with some of his students that had graduated in the past (he does this about once a month), and Clint (one of the students) gave Mark some clothes after breakfast.  Clint has provided us with MANY clothes in the past but all have been for Jordan and Brendan.  Clint's clothes are always spotless, stylish and lots of them!  This bag was a fun bag:  ties, fun t-shirts, belts, pants  and dress shirts.  Guess who they fit?  Yup, Hunter!  I could hear my Dad in my head,,, so I excitedly pointed out how the Lord sweetly answered your "wish", Hunter.  So neat to see our Heavenly Father taking care of our little needs and showing Himself real to our boys!  So thankful for my earthly father,, always showing me my Heavenly Father!  My boys are so blessed: two godly Grandfathers, serving our Savior with their lives, a eartly father who loves them and obeys the Lord and shows the Lord real through his life and a loving Heavenly Father who meets our very daily needs and SOOOO much more!  His love is overwhelming!

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