Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Books, books, books

I love to read.  I'm always researching and looking things up but books can become quite an expense.  Our library system has a great tool,,, I can type in the title of the book I'm interested in (all from the comforts of home ) and it'll search all the local libraries to see if any of the libraries have that book and will ship it to my local library.  Every Wednesday, I go to town to take the oldest four to piano lessons, so I just add the library stop to my stops for that day (I do all our grocery shopping on Wednesdays).    This week I'm returning these books; I totally enjoyed reading Green for Life and found it VERY informative and exciting.  It's not a book I'd like to own so I can return it knowing if  I ever want to read it again,as  it's in the "system" of our libraries.  I'm also trying to learn to knit, so I am enjoying looking and trying to figure out all these new patterns.  Some day when I have oodles of time, I'm going to actually be able to just sit down and attempt some of these patterns,, but for now, I am content to read and learn about them.  What a great way to learn and save money.  I have found, if it's a book I really enjoy and would love to have to refer to, the next best way to get a book, is on Ebay or Amazon under the used books.  Yard sales in the summer are also great but I've stopped buying children's books as we just have SO many and it can add up(space and money),, so the library is great for that too.  Now,  keeping track of them, that's a post I'll have to write later when I figure out how to do that :)

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