Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Games, games, games!!!

Addan, Titus and Luke playing Go Fish. They love to play games together and never have a shortage of partners to play with. I love to play games too! As a child, my Mom just LOVED to play games with us,, all kinds :Aggravation, Probe, Bingo, Scrabble, Uno, and on and on! On Monday nights, my father had a men's Bible study at our home in our downstairs. I think Mom loved this more than the men and Dad. She'd get the popcorn out and games ready. We'd play game after game,, with her never wanting to quit! Such wonderful memories of being together. To this day, if we're sitting together relaxing, my Mom will jump in and say, "Want to play a game?" Funny, she gave us 4 games for Christmas and we played them all before we left her house that weekend!

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