Thursday, January 28, 2010

Busy hands

Homeschooling is great but it creates alot of just sitting and listening.  I get so restless just sitting,,, so I've always got projects to work on while I'm schooling with the boys.  My sister Ruthie is getting married this spring and my other sister Tonya and I are giving Ruthie a bridal shower in March.  This is a terrible thing for me,, I'm already losing sleep over it.  I absolutely LOVE doing things like this but it creates a very busy mind.  I lay in bed thinking of how we'll hang the decorations, where to put the punch table, where Ruthie should sit, what I should wear, what games we should play, etc, etc, etc!!!  Last night I lay thinking about the prizes for the games (Tonya and I are both providing 10 prizes each).  I'm trying to make them nice and practical but not spend alot of money.  So I brought out my basket of scrap fabric and got creating.  I started to make 4 potholders and a set of coasters.  I plan on making 4 aprons too.  Yippee,, there's 9 prizes already,, any extra I'll give to the sweet bride-to-be.  There are many advantages to homeschooling and this is another!!! :)

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