Saturday, January 30, 2010

Look Mom!

I just love Saturdays because of the relaxed schedule.  This Saturday we're all home together.  Today's goal is to start a skirt for an upcoming Valentine's Dinner with church family.  I was in the middle of cutting the skirt fabric when Titus pulled a puzzle off the shelf and started doing it on the floor behind me.  I just love how they pull projects out and start doing them in the same room with me.  Always makes the room more cozy with the little fellas in it :)  I heard, "Look Mom!" shouted with glee,,, Titus had finished his puzzle and wanted me to share in his pride!   Of course, this wet his appetite for more puzzles.  I got the box of little puzzles out and started to help him with these.  So cute hearing him giggle as each piece was placed in it's spot.  Such wonderful memories with our last little fella!

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