Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blessings to teach

This past Sunday night after church, I was chatting with a friend, who is also a Mom to many children and homeschools. She asked me how we felt about homeschooling, Christian School and public school. I'm not writing this to state my opinion (although I have a strong one,,, Psalms 1 is just one reason) but to express my thankfulness for the freedom we have in America right now to even choose and obey our convictions. When each of our boys, one day leave our home and, we pray, become productive for the Lord in whatever area they're lead to, how much satisfaction we will feel knowing they can pick up a book and read it because of the time we took to teach them. My husband sacrifices his hard earned money to buy their school books each year and other supplies and each day sacrifices are made to spend the time to go over their math facts, grammar rules, history lesson, etc. But what a small sacrifice when we can drop our "regular" work and do a quick unit lesson of flowers, like we did yesterday and see they excitement as they learn something new. Please keep praying we'll continue to be blessed with the freedom to choose how to educate our children! What a blessing it is!!!

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  1. I am so proud of you, and am glad we can raise our sons in this way together ... you are doing a GREAT job, and what teacher could love our children more than their own Mom!?