Thursday, October 28, 2010

Waders and Guitars

Jordan started taking guitar lessons from a man in our church many years ago.  The man is an older gentleman and recently had eye surgery.  The problems with his eyes caused him to have to quit giving lessons.  He's such a sweet man; he told me this with tears in his eyes.  He loved giving Jordan lessons and told me again and again how talented Jordan is.

I was burdened about this, as I wanted Jordan to keep taking lessons. 

The Lord answered prayers and provided a teacher for Jordan.
I have SO enjoyed hearing him strumming again in his room.  The sound of guitar is so pleasing!
His teacher suggested him buying a classical guitar.  Jordan's guitar was my Uncle Al's guitar.  Uncle Al tried and tried to learn but finally gave up and passed the instrument on.

Side note on Uncle Al:  Uncle Al is my Dad's little brother.  Uncle Al never got married (yet, he still hopes to someday) and he's always been like an older brother for my sisters and me!  We always LOVED when Uncle Al came over, knowing the time with him would be nothing but FUN!  I have SO many childhood memories with him- trips together, Yodels, Starburst candy, bike rides, sliding on the pond, swimming, fishing,countless games,  etc and etc!  My childhood, right into my adult years have been blessed with times with Uncle Al.  Now my boys enjoy the same memories that I got to make with Uncle Al!  We're so blessed to have the best Uncle in the world!

The guitar Jordan was using wasn't a classical guitar.  I'm learning all about this as we go.  Classical guitar is more plucking rather than strumming. 
So we began looking on line.  This was useless; we had no clue between a good guitar and a poor guitar.
Yesterday before lessons, we stopped into the shop where Jordan has his lessons.  We talked to the owner of the store and he pointed out a good guitar. 
I know this was a huge decision as Jordan is very tight/wise with his money!  He's not one to spend money needlessly.  He wears his shoes until there's not much left to them, finds ways to fix things instead of buying new, and puts his money right into the bank.  Yet, he's very generous, giving money to his brothers for their Birthdays and buying special gifts for them.

So when the man told the price,  I was curious to hear Jordan's answer.  Would he continue working with what he had or spend money to expand his talent (he really needed a classical guitar to advance with these lessons)?   He said without hesitation that he wanted to buy it. 
We ran over to the bank, while the owner put new strings on the guitar, and got the needed funds.

As soon as we got home, I could hear the new strings being plucked!  I just love hearing the sound of it!

Brendan was also showing off his new purchase.  Uncle Al is coming this weekend to take the boys salmon fishing and these are his new waders!

Never a dull moment in this fun-house! :)


  1. Well I have to say I did wonder what the connection was between waders and guitars....great story tho...Kyle has taken guitar lessons to but isn't really advancing on it...because he is so "odd" we think that he likes having the guitar around (he takes it to youth group on Wed. nights) because it is a conversation piece and girls ask him questions about it. He has been taking lessons for a year and all I would hear is picking so I told him a couple months ago (with advice from the man teaching him) that if he didn't learn a simple song then we were going to stop for a while....well it got to him and he learned Amazing Grace...not perfect but in my eyes very good. love, Carol

  2. How exciting for Jordan! As a musician I can firmly say the quality of the instrument is so important for advancing in your skill/talent! I think your young man made a very wise choice and that the Lord will reward him. Thanks for sharing some encouragment to a younger mom who is hoping that her children will also make wise choices as they grow.