Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our Busy Kitchen for 10

 Welcome to our cozy kitchen!  It wasn't always this way!  These are the before pictures!

The first month we were here, we painted the dark paneling a brighter yellow to make due. 
After much looking and picking exactly how I wanted to do our kitchen, we began the project.  I put a few kitchens together that I liked.  I got my ideas from Country Sampler magazine.

We tore all the paneling off the walls and put new walls up.  Then we painted the walls.

Mark taking the old paneling down.

The guys hanging the cupboards back up.

It's starting to look a little better.

Next we painted all the bottom cupboards and new doors.

Once the painting and work was done to the walls, we started the floor.  Again, I found a picture of a floor I liked and we tried to do it like that one.  The boys did all the work, I'm so thankful for them!
Some of the floor was rotted underneath, so Jordan cut it all out and replaced it before we could start putting on the new flooring.
Starting to lay the wood boards down.
This is the kitchen now.  This is the room I probably spend the most time in.  Our boys love to eat and I enjoy cooking/baking so it's a nice team we have.  :) 
This is the where we eat together each night.  We sit and relax and listen to Mark share about his day in school or his window jobs.  It seems alot of talk is about sports.  The boys reminiscing about plays in their softball games or games out in the field.  Would be so interesting to see what it would be if there were 8 daughters around the table!

This is directly behind me from where I was standing to take the picture of  the dining room side.  It's basically one big room with the door to enter right in the middle. 

I love having the window above the sink.  I can look out and see my gardens and beyond that the swings where the younger boys often play!  I just love how the kitchen turned out!


  1. I absolutely love your kitchen. The wood floors make it look so cozy...they really bring it all together! I love the open space in your kitchen! That is one thing I don't like about my island. Did you have to buy any cabinets? I like the big one you have next to the counter. Did Brendon and Jordan ever get instruction on how to lay flooring? They did an awesome job!

  2. Thanks for sharing - your kitchen is adorable! I love the floors too!!

  3. No, they learned from doing our floor. Once the boards were fitted, Jordan did all the work of nailing them down. He enjoyed doing it more than Brendan. Jordan was actually hired by my Aunt and Uncle to do their whole floor in their house after they saw his work. He did a great job!
    Yes, we bought the one cabinet on the wall that goes into the family room. Mark built the big closet that's at the end of that cabinet. That wall was bare when we moved in.

  4. SOOO cozy! I love the colors of your cabinets! I didn't realize that cabinet you mentioned wasn't there. Your boys are so amazing!!