Monday, October 4, 2010

Packing Adventure

This is the week we're going to Shiloh Campground.  We've been going there with my family for the last few years.  It's always a ton of great memories!

Because Jordan just started guitar lessons, we couldn't go until after lessons on Wednesday.  My parents reserved it for today until next Monday, so they agreed to pick up some of the boys and go out with just them. The rest of the boys and I will join them on Wednesday and Mark will come on Friday after school.

 Addan, Timothy, Hunter and Brendan are the boys that it worked out for to go with them.
I helped pack the younger guys bags and they were ready all day today!  My Mom warned that the boys would have to hold their things and sit together in the back seat of their car. 

After supper, my parents arrived to pick their crew up.  My Dad walked into the kitchen, saw the boy's bags and laughed!  He said there was NO way that amount of stuff was going to fit.  The boys got determined and loaded into the car with Grandpa and Grandma.  You could not even see Timothy under all the bags.  They crawled out the driveway, with the bottom of the car barely off the ground (literally!!). 

Let me explain,, my Mom packs EVERYTHING you could possibly need for a trip: games, fans, badmitton rackets, food for a army for a month, sheets to cover all the chairs, more food, water,, etc!!    Whenever they go away or come here, it takes the first hour unloading and putting her stuff away. 

Dad, Mom and boys left for a total of 3 minutes.  Dad came back into the house and said, "We can't do it!!!" The tale pipe was dragging all down the road.   So we all went out to the driveway and discussed the options.  The boys can stay here and they can go out without them (Dad said, "No way!  We came out of the way to get them!!"),  they leave half their stuff here (Mom said NO way to that one!), or they can take one of our big vehicles.  Mark so graciously offered his work truck.  That truck is his manly home, all his work supplies, changes of clothes, manly supplies (coffee cups, deoderant, hair brush, etc) are safely there where I won't mess with them.

So we agreed that would be the best plan.  We emptied Mark's moving "home" into the van and began emptying Mom's vacation necessities into the work truck.  The car carrier was mounted on top and all the boys safely tucked in.  They had plenty of room to go comfortably together.  Mom sure looked funny in the big truck and funnier yet was Dad driving it!!  Nothing is ever simple with so many kiddos and things to work with! 

What will be funnier still is seeing Mark going window washing with my Dad's fancy Crown Vic!!!  My Dad polishes and cleans that car every time it's used!  He notices when a gum wrapper is left hidden in it!  All for the love of vacation with his Grandsons!!!

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  1. Now that is funny! I wondered how in the world they'd fit anybody in that car when they stopped in! Glad it was settled and everyone/thing was still able to go!