Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fabric Fun

This past Saturday, I cleaned out my craft closet.  It was a job that has been sorely neglected!  Because it's right in my bedroom, I saw it everyday and it drove me nuts looking at it.  I set the goal to clean it once my crafts were done for this season's sale. 

I took apart all the piles, threw out what I could and then neatly repiled everything.  Man, it felt so good to be able to see the floor again.

When I was done, I heard Addan say to Titus, "Come look in Mom's room, it's so clean now!"

I told myself I would say NO to all crafts given to me.  Once people know you craft, they pass their stuff along to you.  I could never really say no, it was just a nice thought.  There could be some very valuable supplies given to me :) 

It happened the very next day.  A friend from church game me 3 WalMart bags filled with fabric.  Yes, fabric is the biggest down fall for me!  I just LOVE all fabric!!!  So what I've determined to do, as fabric is given to me, I'll look over the fabric and only keep the pieces I know I'll use.  The others will be passed to the Salvation Army. 

And again it happened yesterday!  My Mom gave me 2 big bags of MORE fabric.  I looked them over and was so excited!  Lovely fabric to make a skirt with! 

I have found, once a pattern works for me,  I use that one again and again.  People rarely can tell you wear the same style skirt over and over again if you use different fabric each time.   I found a pattern I love,, it's flattering and more importantly, it's so comfy!

This morning I got the fabric out and cut out two skirts!  Yippee!  I'm so excited!

While I was cutting, my nose kept running.  We're all out of tissues,, I hate that!  I got a great idea!
Yesterday while packing the boys bags, I cleaned out the linen closet!   I was searching for sheets to pack for them.  Sheets are another thing people pass along to us (actually, everything is passed along to us!  I don't mind,, we've rarely had to buy clothes so all the "pass alongs" are truly welcome!).  I weeded out some sheets that we don't use and they were piled on the table next to where I was cutting this morning.   They were waiting to be cut into window washing towels for Mark. 

It hit me!  Why not cut up the flannel sheet and turn it into reuseable tissues?!?!  I buy a 3 box package of tissues each week at WalMart and they're gone by the next week!  Ugh!  Especially this time of year, everyone seems to have a runny nose with the cooler air.  

I cut the flannel with pinking sheers to help with fraying and put them all in my nice tissue box holder my sister painted for me. 

I thought of so many solutions solved in this step: no more buying tissues, they're soft,  no more white pieces of tissues all over the clothes from the used ones left in the pockets during the wash, and that sheet won't become part of the trash pile somewhere!  I love it!

Now to get sewing those skirts!

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  1. Good idea...may have to steal that one too;) I love your closet area in your room.