Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mango Memories

This month at our church is a special month.  Each Sunday School class is a fruit.  The theme of the month is the Fruit of the Righteous.  Points are given to each class for visitors, verses said, spirit, Bible brought, etc. 

Jordan and Brendan are in Mark's class.  Their fruit is mangos.  They're both into this.  I love seeing them get so excited about the simple things in life. 

 Jordan bought two packs of t-shirts and got the paints out.  He got Brendan to help and wrote the letters M A N G O on each shirt.  He's going to have each of the boys wear a shirt and shout their cheer.

I sat in the other room while listening to them chatter together.
"Jordan, is this song in a minor key?"  (Commenting about a Christmas carol being played on the CD player)
"I can't wait til Sunday!"
"We should...."  (endless ideas being chattered about). 

These are the best memories!  Unplanned but yet so memorable!
I love our home!  What a fun day!


  1. Did they free-hand those letters?! I've never been able to do that! So creative, I love it :).

  2. LOVE them boys!!! Wish I was there, but felt like I was the way you described it! :)

  3. Yes, Jordan did the letters. Wish you were here too, Tuff!