Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tincture Time

Because Mark works with kids all day, he tends to be around sickness often.  He's brought/shared many different sicknesses with us (how nice!). 

This past Friday, Mark came home early from work (he didn't do windows) and went right to bed.  He got the lovely bug that's going around at his school.

Before he hit the hay, he asked me where the tincture was.  I was mad, I hadn't made any yet.  I should of had some ready for my fella.  So I loaded him up with the vitamins we had and watched him march off to bed.  When he woke up at supper time, I fed him some "soup" I made.  Man, he reeked the rest of the night from it!  It was mostly garlic and onions.

So this afternoon, I got my herbs out and made some tincture.  It should be ready in 3-4 weeks, I just hope no more sickness hits the house!

I measured out the herbs and put them in a gallon jar.

Then I added enough vodka to cover the herbs.  The jar is safely put away in the cupboard until they're done seeping.  The herbs need to soak for 3-4 weeks in a dark place.

These are the herbs in this batch of tincture:

Red Clover- a blood purifier
Echinacea- infection fighter and is used as a powerful natural antibiotic
Alfalfa- called the King of plants beacause it is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals
Rose Hips- much vitamin C and infection fighter
Bilberry- ( I added this one mostly because I knew it was good for the eyes but there is a big list of things it helps)
Mullein- used in respiratory problems,  loosens mucus and expels it out of the body

Once the herbs are done soaking, I'll strain them and put the liquid in a canning jar and store it in the cupboard with all our vitamins.  As we start to feel illness coming, we'll take a tablespoon of tincture.  This has really helped prevent sickness in our home.

The How to Herb Book: Let's Remedy the Situation


  1. I have run into recipes like this that call for vodka...homemade vanilla, for instance.... and I would be interested to hear your view on using vodka for purposes like this. I'm not being critical of you at all, don't get me wrong...I'm trying to determine if this is something I want to do or not. :) Thanks!

  2. This sounds interesting! I would love to try it. I am like the above commented though as so far I have never bought alcohol, I don't think it is wrong for this sort of thing but I have felt funny about purchasing it. :-)

  3. It does seem weird to run into a liquor store with my skirt on and the boys out in the van. They know I'm getting it for just "medicine".

    The workers look at me strange and I explained I was getting it to make vanilla extract (I also make that for us too). They can most certainly tell that I didn't belong (thankfully).

    Things are so hard to draw the line on. If you have a problem with drinking it,, you can put it in tea and it does away with the alcohol.

    I do buy it from a liquor store than isn't near our church so people don't see me going in there.

    If you have any problem with it and don't feel comfortable with it,, I'd say don't! You need to decide before the Lord what HE wants you to do.

    I grew up in a home with alcoholics who got saved later in life so I saw first hand the HORRIBLE affects of alcohol. I don't take alcohol lightly at all! I've never drank so I don't know what it does to people but I know it's a wicked, wicked thing!! But this is taken totally for medicine and only at tablespoon amounts!

  4. Thank you! Good things to think about!

  5. Loving your herbal remedies. If you haven't yet, please visit me @ The Woodwife's Journal where I'm hosting an Herbal Medicine Chest blog hop. I'd love to have you join me and share some of your remedies with my readers.