Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Now Presenting the Letter G

This week is the letter G for Addan ( actually it's been the last two weeks, last week was a shorter week for school so I contiuned it into this week.  God is good!  Addan couldn't seem to get this letter, so the extra week was a huge blessing and it wasn't even planned!). 

Addan is not a quick learner.  We've had a few of those and the extra time to learn the letters always balances out in the long run.  I can just double up or go quicker on other things to get him caught up to his grade.  So many huge blessings of home educating.  I can't imagine how some of our boys would keep up with the quick learners in a large classroom setting.  I was not a quick learner and I remember always being sent to the "dumb" table (as we students called it!).  I couldn't understand how all those other kids knew that a circle with a little tail was an "a".  Of course, I eventually caught up but the humiliation of sitting at that table every day is not forgotten!!!

Brendan was also not quick at learning the letters and their sounds but he's our best reader and you can always find him reading!  So I know once the letters are finally learned and the facination of jumping into a book is caught, my fears can be put aside!

Today Addan made a Gratitude mobile.  I cut some leaves out and had him write things he's grateful for on each leave.

It's so cute seeing the things he's grateful for come out of his little head.

The letter F was fun too!  On Friday we had our Fabulously FUN meal together.  We had finger foods, fruit, and French fries!  What a Fantastic way to spend a Friday as a Family!


  1. Tammy, that's so sweet, and a great idea!

  2. Oh, SUCH a good idea. I am so glad you write this blog, because I file away so many of your ideas for later use!

  3. I took a great picture on Monday to prove that Brendan is always reading... ;)

  4. Yes, neat idea! I think I'll do this idea with Levi!
    Good to be reminded that they catch up. Violet's had such a struggle with math. I've had to spend lots of time with her; if I don't, she'll sit there for over 2 hours struggling through it. And then she's supposed to do homework everyday for home-schoolers group! Enough it enough already! Homeschooling takes a lot more time than I was expecting, but I can see already a lot she has learned and we can tailor things to her. It's definitely worth it!

  5. Yeah, was a little humbled,, he picked his brothers, Dad and Sunday School teacher and NOT his Mom! Yikes,, I know it was b/c I was right there with him but still :) AND of course, FOOD!!! Boys!!! :)