Friday, October 1, 2010

Meat Birds

This summer we got meat birds, called Freedom Rangers.  They were a fun addition to my chore list.  Every morning I went outside- checked them, fed and watered them.  I just loved watching them.  As they got big, they would just plop down to rest.  Their feet are much bigger than layers and their legs are "chubbier". 

Each day I got the boys to help me move them in their moveable coops to give them fresh grass.  Man, they ate a ton so the grass also got dirty quick!

Today we got them butchered.  It was on the lower end of their ready time.  They were 10 weeks old this week and you can butcher a couple weeks later but we're going away next week so had to do it early.  I was real curious to see how they looked without their feathers. 

Luke had to get in the coop and hand them to Silas and me.  He wasn't too thrilled about that,, or getting up so early!

This morning, I got up early with Mark.  We covered the trailor with mesh, and Silas and Luke helped me move the chickens from their coops to the trailor.  Mark made us a yummy breakfast and then we left to the butcher.  Mark headed to school.     I sure felt funny driving down the highway with chickens in the back.  The roosters fought the whole ride!  Had to show their male pecking order to the last few seconds of their lives!

Luke and Silas eating eggs and toast.  Can you see what game we played last night?  Guess who won?

Silas and Tim carrying the chickens into the butcher's shop.

I just got back from picking them up.  The butcher said they looked real good!  Should be a yummy meal on Sunday!  They weighed between 4.8- 5.8 pds each.  Hopefully next year we can keep them around alittle longer to plump up some more! 

So nice seeing the full freezer!

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  1. Luke's morning face cracked me up!! Good job, boys (and you too!) Those sure look great!!