Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Knitted Hat for Lillie

I'm so excited!  I finished it!

Last year I knitted a hat for my niece Violet and her brother Levi.  It was so rewarding to see pictures of her wearing that hat!  My sister said she wore that hat tons! 

Violet and her horse Misty

After you've spent so much time working on a piece (and invested the money into it!  I was shocked to see how much yarn could cost for one item.  I picked out yarns for a hat and the yarn totalled $35!  For ONE hat!  I found cheaper yarn for that hat!), you want to be sure it's used.

I saw the perfect hat I wanted to attempt for Violet's sister Lillie.  Lillie is just one year old, so this one would be perfect!  BUT it looked VERY hard to me!  My knitting friend and teacher taught me how (she stayed with me a week this past Sept  and spoke me through all the directions, confident that I could do it!  Yikes,, I didn't think I could but tried it).

Yippee!!  I finished it,, can you tell how happy I am?!?! 
I so wanted to learn to knit and this helps me think I can do it! 
My goal is to knit some socks; I think I'll attempt a pair after Christmas.

I told the model I would not show his face to hide his identity :)  How awful to be in a GIRL'S hat! :)


  1. Tammy you amaze me. You are super talented. Love the hat. It is super cute! What a great Idea for christmas. My Mom is making Jordynne a jumper for Christmas. I can't wait till she gets it done,because it is going to be super cute!! Wish I got that talent from my Mother. :)

  2. It's a gorgeous hat! perfect for a little girl! You did an awesome job!

  3. Awe, thanks!! I found I totally enjoy knitting! It's very relaxing! (when I'm not frustrated trying to figure it out) :)

  4. I'm so excited! Could you hear me saying, "Awww!" She'll look soo cute in that!!!

  5. SO NICE!!!!! You did a fantastic job. Love the model! Poor guy;)

  6. I think it'll be a bit big for her but she'll grow into it :) Hey, you weren't supposed to look!!!

  7. Tammy, you are amazing!!! Great job! It is adorable. I am so proud of you. You can knit anything now... next up, a sweater for yourself! That's the one thing I have yet to do, and I really would like to. Usually, everything I knit ends up as a gift for someone else. But I love giving gifts :)

  8. You did a great job. I just read in one of the health articles here that Using your hands, and they gave knitting as the example, is good for your brain. And alot of carpal tunnel actually isn't it but inflamation of a muscle in the hand that is over used. But yours did seem to have the signs of C. T.
    Is that Addan? Lillie really needs a hat. Her hair is still baby thin hair. Love you