Friday, October 15, 2010

On "Philbrick" Mountain

I remember an episode of the Waltons when they were being their mountain was being "invaded".  I think the land was being logged.  That's how I'm starting to feel.

Big, loud dump trucks are going by, all day, every day for the last week. 

The area around us has natural gas underneath us!  The gas drillers and drainers have figured this out and are starting to invade our land and pump all the expensive liquid from under our ground.  I'm not opposed to it but it sure has made a difference in our little dirt road!

Before this started, I could count how many cars went by in a day on my two hands!  Now I hear a dump truck every couple minutes. 

This is one going down, it's real loud when they put their brakes on!

This is the road in front of our home,, going up the hill.  The trucks are going up with loads of dirt and crushed rock.

 This is where they're headed.  It's the farm at the top of the hill/mountain. 

This is the left side of the picture above.  They put a road behind the farm buildings and that goes onto the pad they built.  It's huge!

I wonder how the farmer's milk cows feel about all this change.

It makes me smile.  Last night while I was fixing supper, Addan ran outside.  A few seconds later, I heard the "beep beep" from the dump truck.  He loves going out there, standing at the end of the driveway with his skinny arm waving up and down getting the drivers to beep!  The boys love the trucks!

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