Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monday Routine

For some reason, Mondays get a bad rap.  I enjoy Mondays!

Usually the house is a total mess on Monday but I like getting back into the routine of the week.

This past weekend was especially bad on the house.  Friday afternoon I was gone all day.  Saturday morning we were all frantically getting things done and getting things ready for a teen activity.  Mark's the youth leader and we had a big activity planned for the afternoon.  I was making desserts, getting supplies together and keeping track of all my lists.  Sunday we went to church but didn't come home between meetings.  We went to the nursing home in between so decided to have lunch at the church building.  Our home is 1/2 hour away so it wasn't possible to come home, eat and be on time to the nursing home.

Once we got home late Sunday night, everything was unloaded from the van and the house was a mess! So I had loveliness to wake up to!

Laundry is the biggest job on Monday.  Showers are taken by all on Saturday (every day for the older fellas) so there's always more laundry from the weekend.  I also try not to do any on the weekend for a slight break.

 I was doing laundry and got side-tracked setting up for Luke's Birthday.  We have Birthday decorations and when I set the table cloth out, I decided I wanted to add some more to it.  I got my fabric scraps out and cut out the words and sewed them on!  I just love doing things like this and the younger boys are always so excited when the fun stuff comes out!
I made the table cloth this summer and Titus and Addan put their hand prints down the sides.  You can't see them unless you're sitting down at the table so I wanted to add more to be seen on the top.  I still need to add more to the middle and will probably finish it at the next Birthday. 
What a fun Monday night as we celebrated Luke's 10th year with us!  Oh, the fun the table cloth will share with us; if it could only talk and tell of the laughter and yummy meals shared together for each special Birthday!
 The teen activity was a great success!  We had about 40 teens there and almost half were visitors.  Mark spoke a GREAT message on Samson.  Many decisions were made and one teen girl sweetly asked Jesus to be her Savior.  Such a blessing!

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