Monday, June 7, 2010

Yard Sale Treasures

Saturday was our first Saturday yard sale date together.  We got up early (6:30 is early for a Saturday for me!), ate our breakfast together and headed out.  I've always loved to yard sale and Mark has gotten the bug too.  He finds the stuff I would never even look at and always spots fun treasures!
Mark's school was having a big fund raiser,, a huge yard sale and auction.  The auction was later in the morning so we couldn't stay for that, some year I'd like to.  So that sale was our first stop.  I have a list in my mind of things I know I want to find this summer.  Things we need and I know we can find for cheap at a sale.  I told Mark my list on the ride.
Our first stop had one of the things on the list!  Yipee!!!  I like to have our water pitcher to be glass (I try to avoid plastic as much as possible!) and I chipped our's recently.  It was still usable but cut my hand on it last week so was reminded to mentally put a new one on my list.   Not only did that sale have one, but two pitchers!  I was so happy!

We loaded up our treasures and headed to the town right near the school sale.  That town was all having yard sales.  Last year we did the same sales and I remembered which houses had "good" stuff and the ones that had junk.  Our first stop, Mark spotted a single bed.  I commented what would we need that for?  The boys on the porch--oh yeah!  Glad I brought Mark with me :)  The boys enjoy sleeping on the porch in the summer and the bed they used last summer is now Jordan's bed so we needed to find a new one for the porch. 

As we were walking along the sidewalk, there were a bunch of people gathered around something.  I peeked in and saw kittens.  That was on my list.  A female kitten.  Our cat had 3 kittens.  We had a home for 2 and intended to keep one with the Momma cat.  The day we gave the two kittens away, Momma cat got hit by a car. (I was soooo sad!  She was the best cat we've ever had.  She was such a good hunter and so friendly!) So I wanted a "sister" for our lone, sad kitten.   The crowd opened up a little and I peeked at the kittens.  One was real cute and it was a female.  I told the girl I wanted it!  So I walked all through the town with the kitten in my arms!  This was a magnet to kids and brought lots of smiles.  The last stop, Mark found some treasures.  He got a wheel barrel, a better head board for the bed on the porch (we ended up with 2!) and a ice hockey stick (for the boys on the pond in the winter).  

What fun!  We got home,  had a couple hours to relax and then headed out to a graduation party and then the softball game.  On the way, we spotted a big yard sale.  Yippee,, we stopped again!  This one was a real treasure chest.  Some yard sales are just real good!  I had been given some money from a friend at church, so I was saving this for a special item!  I found it!  There was a wooded bowl and I loved it!  I talked the lady down and was able to get it.  She also had a rack full of old table cloths.  I asked her if she stitched them.  She said she didn't but her Grandmother did!  (This lady looked to be in her 60's so I knew the cloths were real old if her Grandmother did them!)  I picked my two favorites and left with a happy heart and my treasures!  Such a fun gift from the Lord and my friend who gave me some extra money!


  1. hey, where's the hose!?!?! that was the catch of the day

  2. I love the kitten, tablecloths and that bowl!!! That bowl is gorgeous :). The tablecloths look like some my great-grandmother had :) I don't think you can find material like that anymore- the sturdy, heavy cotton? It was made to last.:)