Friday, June 4, 2010


I finally did it!  Yesterday I had a long "to-do" list.  The top of the list was switch the younger 3 guy's winter clothes to summer.  I absolutely abhor this job.  It gives me a real bad attitude! ( I know, not very good!)  It's one of those jobs that creates work as you go: cleaning the draws out, throwing out so much junk in their rooms, etc.  So, I finally put it off no longer and jumped in. 
Usually we save all the clothes in Rubbermaid tubs for the next boy to wear in the next season.  Kind of sad, with Titus' clothes  I weed out the good from bad.  Good going to the Salvation Army; bad becoming rags or trash piles.  Sad knowing he's the last.  Jordan commented that he can just leave his winter in his room now for the next season.  I told him it's because he's done growing and can still fit them the next season (another sad fact of growing boys, but such a fact of life!  Man, time just flies!!!).

In between doing the clothes, I checked Luke's reading book.  He finished one yesterday and is now on the last one for this school year!  Man, he's got the "get it done at all expense" mindset.  So he sat correcting his rush jobs till supper with many tears in between.  Ugh, another dreaded job! 
When the clothes were all done and the closets and dressers all neat, I folded about 6 loads of laundry and then started supper.  (It was a yummy supper.  Some suppers I feel just get by and some I'm happy to serve  because I know it'll be enjoyed!  This one was especially good because it had a super yummy dessert!)
As we sat eating our dessert,  I gave a very unguarded comment.  I said, "I hate housework!"  Mark laughed and said I was in the wrong household then!    What I really meant by it and tried to explain was,  I hated being inside all day with the beautiful sunshine doing something that you can't even tell is done when it's over.  Who sees the insides of dressers and put away laundry?  (I guess you'd see them if I didn't do it for awhile and the boys were wearing turtlenecks and flannel in July! :)  )  I guess it boils down to,,, I need to work on doing all things without grumbling and be thankful for the jobs that need to be done and yet seem so unnoticed!  The yummy meal is VERY noticed but laundry washed and folded doesn't seem to get the same praise,,, yet I need to do both with the same motive of pleasing Jesus and not my own flesh!  
So many lessons to learn each day of my life!  Maybe today will be a better attitude day!

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