Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memory Skirt

I've gotten my crafts out for the summer months!  What a mess it sure makes but I love having more time to sew and craft.  I've made a couple skirts in the last week too.  I got a new pattern and couldn't wait to try it.  While I've been cutting out the skirt pieces, I was also making crafts to sell in the fall.  I've noticed a new buzz word (maybe it's not new and I've just noticed it!),, it's recycle. 

I was given a huge bag of clothes recently for the boys and there were about 30 pieces of clothing.  They didn't fit Mark and the boys don't like them.  So it got me thinking.  I know,, I can make recycled handkerchiefs out of them!  Perfect!  The craft fair is around Christmas time so that would be a good man's gift.  So I began cutting big squares out of the garments but had pieces left over.  I didn't just want to throw them out. 

At this time too, I took all our summer clothes out.  There were dress shirts that Titus grew out of.  It hit me,  I'll make a skirt out of the leftover handkerchief pieces and their dress shirts.  A couple of the shirts were passed down through many of the boys,  so they had lots of memories.  (The car fabric in the piles of squares brings lots of memories.  Tim loved that shirt!)

The first skirt I did was a sample to see what size to make.  I still haven't gotten out of the mind set that I'm not having any more babies and don't need to make things to fit after I have a baby.  The first skirt I did was too big but I just wore a loose top to cover the falling down waist line :) 

I love it,, it was so fun to make!  
The memory skirt took a bit longer.  I sewed each square together and then all the rows.  It was so fun!  I absolutely enjoy piecing.  The least favorite part is putting in the zipper.  But I did it and love it!  I'm going to wear it tonight to church (we're having special meetings all week).  Fun having the boys little shirts all around me!

Can you guess what the many items given to us were that I cut up to make the handkerchiefs from?  :)


  1. What a wonderful, fun idea - a memory skirt! I may try this one! You're not only creative Tammy but have fun doing it!!! Keep it up!


  2. Hey, so what were they made from, old shirts? REALLY neat idea!! You sew so much now. Funny considering the beginnings of when you learned. You sure make nice stuff!!

  3. I was given a huge bag of boxers. The boys don't like them and the lady who gave them to me said her son has SO many he never wears all the ones he has. I washed them and started cutting them up. Was kind of strange showing her my skirt and her showing her husband and saying to him how I was wearing a skirt out of Kyle's boxers!

  4. Oh, that's too funny!! I wouldn't have guessed them! :)